Hi! I'm Chris 👋

Student, Software Engineer, Musician

I'm currently finishing my penultimate year studying Electronic & Information Engineering.
I love to create, code, read and make music.

  • Birthday: 14 June 2000
  • From: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Degree: MEng EIE
  • Age: 21
  • Living in: London, UK
  • Uni: Imperial College London


C++ 90%
Python 95%
JavaScript 65%
Matlab 75%
Verilog 40%
Jazz Improv 50%


Deep Learning

Embedded Systems

User-Centred Design

Creative Coding

Project Management

Behavioural Psychology




Jazz & Classic Piano

Music Production



My background & experience


Christoph Renschler

I'm an innovative and impact-orineted Computer Engineering student with experience in software development, project management and technical consulting. I thrive in interdisciplinary solutions and love seeing an idea turn into reality.

  • 🇩🇪🇺🇸 German American National
  • ☎️ +44 73 886-23332
  • ✉️ chris.renschler@gmail.com
  • 📍 Imperial College London


MEng Electronic & Information Engineering

2018 - 2022 (present)

Imperial College London – London, UK – 1st

Relevant Modules: Algorithms & Complexity, OOP, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Embedded Systems, Advanced Computer Architecture, Project Management, User-centered Information Systems

Extracurricular: Making & Prototyping, Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind

Year abroad

2015 - 2016

The Governors Academy – Massachusetts, USA – GPA 3.7

Advanced Placement: AP Physics, Calculus, Honors Chemistry, Micro & Macroeconomics, Architecture


2010 - 2018

Dillmann Gymnasium – Stuttgart, Germany – Grade 1.4

DPG Award – Award for extraordinary performances in Physics by the German Physical Society.

Economics Honor – Statewide award for outstanding achievements in Economics by Südwestmetall.

Work Experience

Junior Consultant Engineer

07/2021 - 09/2021 (present)

Minazi – London, UK – part-time

Working with NGOs and TODO to solve urgent sustainability problems in third-world countries.

Teaching Assistant

09/2020 - 06/2021

Imperial College London – London, UK

Supporting lecturers in first year modules on Digital Electronics and Computer Architecture:

  • Conveying complex technical concepts in problem classes.
  • Illustrating applications of said concepts through lab demonstrations.

Full Stack Engineering Intern

06/2020 - 08/2020

TransferWise – London, UK

Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

IT Smart Mobility development Intern

06/2019 - 09/2019

Porsche – Weißach, Germany

  • Developed a multi-factor authentication system that was showcased at the Expo day of Startup Autobahn as part of a team. The prototype allowed recording training data through an app and then recognized the approaching driver to automatically unlock the car.
  • Consolidated smart mobility service data for Porsche's EV fleet, increasing maintenance quality of charging stations.
  • Adopted development tools such as Design Thinking and agile development using Scrum.


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